Monday, October 21, 2019

On the TreeCardGames Blog we have recently talked about the Hearts Premium v2.0 Update and the SolSuite 19.10 Update.
But during the month of October there has been much more than that! 😀😀😀

Just keep on reading:
Spades - Play online new 2.4 was released! 👈👈
On this new release, the "Nil" and "Blind Nil" bidding on the "Expert" game level were improved.

Your Spades game will be even more challenging and fun! ♠♠♠♠
Play Spades now by clicking here 👈

The new "Air Balloons", "Diamond Blue", "Diamond Red" and "Puppy" Card Backs were added to the following games, all of them downloadable from the 👉Microsoft Store:
Klondike Solitaire Collection, Pyramid Solitaire, Spider Solitaire Collection Free

If you are a Solitaire - Play Online 12 Games user, you will be happy to see that a new Theme has been added: Autumn Colors! 
Fall into the Autumn spirit playing your favorite card games with this beautiful Theme:

For 123 Free Solitaire and Solitaire Collection Free, downloadable from the Microsoft Store, the Autumn Colors has been added to the "Themes" selection.

If playing word games is your passion, you will be happy to know that new categories have been added to Word Search (online) and Word Search + 

Keep tuned, there is still more to come! 😍😍

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