Friday, March 19, 2021

TreeCardGames - News and more

What has been going on lately? A lot, in fact! 😁

👉 A Word Search update was released, with 5 new categories: Gardening, Legendary Creatures, Onomatopoeia Words, Shoes and Native American Tribes in the United States.

Play Word Search now by clicking here!
Get Word Search from the Microsoft Store here!

👉SolSuite 2021 21.0 was released! and it included a variation of a classic game: 
Canfield Two Suits
This version can be downloaded here

👉 SolSuite 2021 21.1 was released with two more game to make a whooping total of 756 games!
You can get this version here

👉 Spades Premium, Spades - Online and Spades Free ! have been updated, and now include:
- New "TreeCardGames Player Image Maker"
- New "Total bags and Total points" display
- Includes the new "Themes" feature. A theme is a set of graphic elements, including a background, a card set and a card back.
- Improved the "Nil" and "Blind Nil" bidding on the "Expert" game level. Your Spades game will be even more challenging and fun!
- 3 new languages: हिंदी, Polski, Português

👉 The new MahJong Suite 2021 version arrived, with 5 new layouts and 2 Themes! 

👉 Last but not least, a new Hearts release is available! And includes:
- New Player Images
- New Player Image Maker
- "Old Moon" and "New Moon" scoring for Shooting the Moon
- Allow to end the trick if all points have been scored
- Play sound when the first card of Hearts is played
- Play sound when the Queen of Spades is played
Play Hearts now by clicking here!