Thursday, August 6, 2020

How to play Gaps (Addiction) Solitaire with SolSuite 2020!

Gaps Solitaire is a popular solitaire card game also know as Addiction, Blue Moon, Holes, La Rochelle, Spaces, Vacancies and is included in SolSuite Solitaire

It's a solitaire game American origin and it is said that Gaps was a favorite game of Napoleon.
The French call this solitaire "L'Imperiale".

What is the object of game? 🎯
Create four suit sequences of twelve cards each, from Two to King.

What are the rules? 
Set-Up: The entire stock is dealt in four rows of thirteen cards each. Then the four Aces are removed, creating four gaps in the layout.

Tableau (Four rows of twelve cards each)
👉 A gap (four in all) must be filled with the card that is the next highest in rank and of the same suit as the card to the left of the gap. For example, if a gap opens up to the right of the 10♥, it must be filled with the Jack♥. The gap and the Jack♥ will exchange places. 
👉 A gap in the first space of a row may be filled with any Two. The player decides which row he will allocate to each suit. 
👉 Because a King is the highest–ranking card, a gap after a King cannot be filled and action is blocked.

👉 After all possible plays have been made and the Kings block any action, click the Redeal button. 
👉 Redeals are performed as follows: 
👉 Any Two and the suit sequences starting with them are left in place. 
👉 All other cards that are out of sequence are removed, shuffled and then dealt to complete the rows. 
👉 A gap is left to the immediate right of the cards that are in suit sequence in each row. If the only card in place is a Two, the gap will be to the right of it. 
👉 If there is no Two in a row, a gap is left in the first place of the row, so that a Two can be moved there. 
👉 Two redeals are permitted (three deals in all).

Strategy and Tactics
💡 Don't randomly start moving the cards. Study the tableau. 
💡 Try to open a gap at the extreme left of a row or to the right of a blocked card. 
💡 Move Kings away from the gaps to avoid blocking the game.