Sunday, April 12, 2020

SolSuite 2020's NEW v20.4 is Now Available for Download!

SolSuite 2020 v20.4 has just been released, and includes two original solitaire games. One of them is called "Endeavor" and it's a Fan solitaires type.
This game is played with two sets of cards. All the Aces are removed from the pack and place on the Foundations, which will be built up in suit from Ace to King.
The rest of the pack will be dealt in thirty-two fans of three cards each.
On the tableau:
- Cards will be built down in suit. For example, a 10♣ can only be played on a Jack♣.
- The top card of each fan is available for play to another tableau fan or to the foundations. 
- Only one card at a time can be moved. 

- Spaces can't be filled. 
Strategy and Tactics 💡
👉Don't play an exposed card to a fan containing a lower card of the same suit. This blocks the game. 
👉Locate all fans containing two or more cards of the same suit. Plan to release these cards first. 
👉Building up on the layout should be considered a temporary measure. Such builds will need to be reversed in order to play the cards to the foundations.

Game Info 📌
⌚Game time: Long; More than 10 minutes 
👉Difficulty level: Medium 
💪Skill level: Mostly skill 
🏆Chance of winning: Medium; about 1 in 8; 12.5% 

Get SolSuite 2020 today by clicking HERE!