Sunday, October 18, 2020

The new SolSuite 20.10 includes two original solitaire card games!

2 more new games added to your favorite Solitaire Games Suite!

Autumn Solitaire is Simple solitaires type played with 2 decks (104 cards).

How to play:
- At the beginning of the game, thirteen cards - from a 7 to a 6 (regardless of suit) are dealt to the thirteen piles to become the foundations.

💥 Build up regardless of suit from the base card, until each pile contains eight cards.
💥 The game is won when the top cards of the foundation piles form a sequence, regardless of suit, from Ace to King. 
💥 Ranking of cards is continuous: build Aces after Kings when necessary. 

💥 Turn up one card at a time from the stock. 
💥 One redeal is permitted (two deals in all). 

💥 One reserve pile may be formed. 
💥 These cards can played to the foundations at any time. 

Waste (One pile)
💥 The top card is always available for play to the foundations.

Prisoners Two Decks is a Adding solitaires type; played with 2 decks (104 cards).

How to play:
💥 Deal cards in a row from left to right by clicking on the stock. 
💥 Discard any group of cards consisting of: 
💥 Any combination (doublets, triplets, quadruplets, etc.) of adjacent and just dealt cards which total value is equal to 11, 12 or 13. 
💥 One face card (Jack, Queen or King) which corresponds to the total of the combination. 
For example, valid groups are:
9 + 2 [which equals to 11] + Jack
4 + 6 + 2 [which equals to 12] + Queen
7 + 4 + Ace + Ace [which equals to 13] + King 
💥 To win the game, you must discard all the face cards (free the "Prisoners" from jail) before the stock is exhausted. 
💥 There is no redeal. 

💥 The game starts at −104 points. 
💥 20 points are awarded for each freed "Prisoner". 
💥 The winning score to obtain is 376 points.

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