Saturday, September 14, 2019

SolSuite Solitaire 19.9 NEW solitaire!

This month a couple of new and original games were added to the version 19.9 of SolSuite Solitaire. One of them is called Josephine, and it is a Two-Deck solitaire game with the following characteristics:

⌚ Game time: Medium; 5-10 minutes 
👉 Difficulty level: Easy 
💪 Skill level: Moderate
🏆 Chance of winning: High; about 1 in 3; 33.3%

As you can see, the chances of winning this game are quite high. However, you might want to take into account a couple of strategy tips:

1 ) Unless it becomes necessary to release an important card in a higher row, avoid playing cards from above a gap to a foundation until its duplicate has been dealt. 

2 ) When the top cards of the Ace and King foundations of the same suit are in sequence, consider reversing cards, one at a time, from one foundation to the other.

You can get now SolSuite Solitaire v19.9 here

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

How to play Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is a classic solitaire game of French origin, also known as Egyptian Campaign or Pile of Twenty-Eight.
On the video we show the two different variations of Pyramid included in both Pyramid Solitaire for Windows 10 and Pyramid Solitaire (online version).
The first one is Pyramid Easy. The object of this game is to discard all the cards that form the Pyramid in pairs totaling thirteen.
To win this game you have to give preference in discarding the Pyramid's cards, and it can be won even if you have some cards left on the Stock pile.
The second variation of the game is Pyramid, and it's a little bit more difficult because to win, you have to discard all the cards from the Pyramid AND the Stock pile.
Strategy tip: be careful not to block plays by leaving cards at the top of the pyramid that can be matched!
You can get 👉Pyramid Solitaire from the Microsoft Store or you can play Pyramid Solitaire👈 online, on any computer or device!
And if you are interested in learning and playing other fun variations of this classic solitaire card game, you can try SolSuite Solitaire!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Download and play now for free: Spider solitaire, FreeCell, Klondike and many other exciting solitaire games.
More than 20 years ago the first version of 123 Free Solitaire was released. Wow! 😁🎂

Still today, is one of the most downloaded solitaire card games, with more than 21,800,000 downloads worldwide! 🙌🙌

The classic version of 123 Free Solitaire is available for download on any Windows computer by clicking here 👈👈👈

This version includes the classic Spider solitaire, FreeCell, Klondike and many other exciting solitaire games.

For other Operating Systems, 123 Free Solitaire is available on its online version by clicking here ! 👈👈👈

And for those of you who are running Windows 10, you can download 123 Free Solitaire from the Microsoft Store by clicking here 👈👈👈

The latest version of 123 Free Solitaire 4.2.0 includes some beautiful new Card Backs: Air Balloons, Diamond Blue, Diamond Red and Puppy:

123 Free Solitaire 4.2.0 includes some beautiful new Card Backs
Looking forward to many, many years of playing solitaire card games together! 😍

Monday, August 19, 2019

"Words from Letters" new game!

Play "Words from Letters": a beautiful word game whose object is to find as many words as you can by rearranging the six given letters!
Just hit "Play" and select your game level: Easy, Medium or Hard.
This is a great game for kids and adults, and it helps improving your language skills.
If you have still some words to fill out, clicking on the "Hints" button will highlight the first available letter you can use. Then you have 5 seconds to find the following letter before you can use the "Hints" button again.

- 100% FREE!
- Three different tiles to choose from
- "Hint" button
- Keep track of your game statistics with the Weekly Chart
- No download or registration required
- Just click here and start having fun!

Monday, August 12, 2019

The new SolSuite Solitaire version 19.8 was just released and includes two new and original solitaire card games.

Caprice Two Decks is the Two-Deck version of Caprice:
SolSuite Solitaire 19.8 - Caprice Two Decks
The Caprice Two Decks is different to others because it includes Columns, a Pile and Fans at the same time on the Tableau area.
A suggestion for this this game: once you have played all the cards on a Column or a Fan, you won't be able to play any card on and empty pile. So you should try to keep at least one card on each Column or Fan to increase your chances of winning.

The second game added this month is called Manila Bay and it is a variant of Dewey's Victory, and old game described in the book "Newton Solitaires" by Benjamin Newton (Newport, Rhode Island - early 1900's).
This is the layout of Manila Bay:
SolSuite Solitaire 19.8 - Manila Bay
For this Two-Deck game, disabling the Autoplay feature is a good idea! Try to keep the foundations even don't let one foundation get too far ahead of the others. 😎

The new SolSuite 19.8 version that includes this new entertaining games, can be downloaded here 👈👈👈

Monday, August 5, 2019

Match 3 is one of the latest additions to the TreeCardGames' collection of free games:

Match 3 is a fun and entertaining matching game for all the family!

An entertaining game for all the family, Match 3 is quite easy to play... or is it? 😁
If you match 3 or 4 shapes you will get 10 points for each match. And that's the easy part. 😉
Match 5 or 6 shapes and get 20 points for each match.
But if you are quick to match as many shapes as you possibly can (7 at least) with one single sequence, you will get 50 points for each match, and will have extra bonus time added to your game:

Match as many shapes as you possibly can before the timer runs out

Match 3 features:
- 100% FREE!
- Compare your HighScore with other members of the family and friends by posting on Social Networks
- Reach the highest score with unlimited levels of game-play
- No download or registration required
- Just one click and start having fun!
Play Match 3 online by clicking here:
Or get it from the Microsoft Store by clicking here

Monday, July 29, 2019

During the last weeks we have been adding a new graphic theme to "Solitaire", the web app that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and to the free solitaire card games available at the Microsoft Store.

A theme is a set of graphic elements, including a background, a card set and a card back.

On the image above you can see the "Pyramid Easy" solitaire with the new "Summer Holidays" theme.

Besides the "Summer Holidays" theme, you can play with all these themes:

Click here to get "Solitaire" at the Chrome Web Store! 👈👈

If you prefer to download the games on your Windows computer, click HERE! 👈👈