Tuesday, January 11, 2022

‘Benefits of Computer Gaming’

Whether you are still in school, a student, busy parent, working full time, or a retiree, chances are you might have indulged in an online puzzle or shuffled a deck of cards or two now and again. In the past, computer gaming might have been considered the territory of the stereotypical gamer teenager. However, things have changed in recent years. Studies show that more people of retirement age, for example, are playing online than ever before. Playing games is one of the most common ways to relax, unwind and spend downtime – but did you know studies show there are massive cognitive benefits to this popular pastime?

Sudoku, for example, is an activity that has surged in demand over the past decade. While playing Sudoku cannot promise to make you smarter or the next Albert Einstein, it does promote increased focus and concentration. Both of which are important for healthy brain function.

A puzzle game that requires a logical approach, Sudoku can also help you practice critical thinking and decision-making. Playing is also relaxing - after all, there is a reason people have been enjoying this particular game for over forty years. Solving complex challenges - like mathematical problems, visual challenges, or word scrambles - encourages the brain to improve pattern recognition. When we do these activities, we help create structures and systems, something that reduces stress, anxiety and encourages relaxation. Think of it as creating order out of chaos!

Of course, when it comes to keeping our brains active, it is also vital to help promote healthy memory function. Plenty of games rely on memorizing or seeking out images or sequences such as match puzzles and Match 3. Alternatively, if you prefer something that offers the nostalgia of a traditional classic, tile-matching game Mahjong offers similar benefits.

Other pastimes like card games Solitaire, Hearts, and FreeCell are also particularly beneficial for mental wellbeing. Everyone loves the challenge of accomplishing a goal or beating the odds. There is nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction when you score a personal best or find the answer to a previously unsolved problem. Completing puzzles and games releases dopamine – a neurotransmitter that stimulates the mood and helps you feel happier and more relaxed.

Not only this but, because these games can be played alone and at any time, engaging in them actively promotes routine. Beginning your day with half an hour of puzzling after breakfast or while you enjoy your coffee can be a great way to kick-start any morning.

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Good for your mind, good for your mood, and just plain good fun - what could be better?