Monday, June 29, 2020

How to play Classic Solitaire (Klondike). 100% FREE - No downoad

Playing classic solitaire is as simple as clicking on this link:

The classic solitaire game we all loved is also known as Klondike. Other names for this game are Canfield (improper), Chinaman, Demon, Demon Patience, Fascination, Gold Rush, Patience, Small Triangle, Solitaire, Triangle

The basic rules for the classic solitaire are:

Foundations (Four piles)
👉Build up in suit from Ace to King. For example, a 2♥ can only be played on an Ace♥. 
👉Autoplay is available. 

Tableau (Seven columns of increasing height)
👉 Build down in alternating colors. For example, a 10♠ can be played on a Jack♥♦. 
👉The top card of each column is available for play to the foundations or to another tableau column. 
👉A packed sequence, or any portion of it, may be moved to another tableau column. 
👉Spaces can be filled only with a King or a King–sequence.

Stock (Twenty-four cards)
👉Turn up one card at a time, from the stock to the waste, by clicking. 
👉Unlimited redeals are permitted until the game is blocked or won. 

Waste (One pile)
👉 The top card is always available for play to the foundations or the tableau.

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