Tuesday, June 2, 2020

How to play Rouge et Noir Solitaire with Free Spider Solitaire 7.0

Did you know that there are dozens of different Spider variations?

One of them is "Rouge et Noir", a solitaire game of French origin.

The object of the game is to send all the cards to the Foundations:
πŸ‘‰For the first four foundations (left): build up in color (red on red, black on black regardless of suit) from Ace to King. For example, a 2♥ can be played on an Ace♥ or on an Ace♦. 

πŸ‘‰For the last four foundations (right): build in the tableau four sequences of thirteen cards in alternating colors from King to Ace. When a King suite is completed, it is automatically removed from the tableau to these piles.
πŸ‘‰On the tableau, you can build down in alternating colors. For example, a 10♠ can be played on a Jack♥♦. 
πŸ‘‰The top card of each column is available for play to the foundations or to another tableau column. 
πŸ‘‰A packed sequence, or any portion of it, may be moved to another tableau column. 
Spaces can be filled only with a King or a King–sequence. 

πŸ’‘This Spider variation takes about 10 minutes to be played, and it is challenging! You have a chance of winning only 1 out of every 50 games you play and needs skill, not only luck! ✌

πŸ’‘ It is often better to leave the cards on the tableau rather than building them on the foundations. This will enable face down cards to be released on the layout.

Get the latest version of Free Spider Solitaire and enjoy playing this challenging game!  

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