Friday, November 15, 2019

The NEW SolSuite Solitaire v19.11 has just been released!

This new SolSuite Solitaire version includes two original solitaire card games.

The first one is called "Friday" and it is included in the One-Deck solitaires type group. 

It requires a little bit of strategy when placing the cards on the two Reserve piles, but it is nonetheless a game with a very high possibility of winning.

Game time Medium; 5-10 minutes 
Difficulty level Easy 😀
Skill level Mostly chance 🍀
Chance of winning Very high; about 4 in 5; 80% 🏆

The second game is called "Remember Me" and it's a variation of "Forget-Me-Not", from the Memory solitaires type group.

To win this game you just have to focus on remembering the position of the colors on the Tableau, it is a simple as that!

Game time Quick; Less than 5 minutes ⏰
Difficulty level Easy 😀
Skill level Mostly skill 😎
Chance of winning High; about 1 in 3; 33.3% 🏆

You can download the latest version of SolSuite Solitaire here! 👈👈👈

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