Thursday, November 28, 2019

How to play Diplomat Solitaire with 123 Free Solitaire

Diplomat Solitaire is a game of Austrian origin, belonging to the category of Beleaguered Castle type games.

Diplomat Solitaire is played with two sets of cards (104 cards in all) and has a medium difficulty level; it has a chance of winning one out of every 3 games played.
The purpose of the game is to play all the cards to the Foundations, building up in suit from Ace to King ♔.
On the tableau there are 8 columns in which you can build down regardless of suit. Only one card can be moved at a time and if you clear a space, it can be filled with any available card.
Cards from the stock can be dealt one at a time to the waste pile and once there the cards can be played to the tableau or to the Foundations.

Strategy tips! 💥
Try to make a space on the tableau as quickly as possible👈
Spaces should be filled with a King or the next highest card available 👈
Build on the foundations whenever possible👈

You can find this amusing solitaire game in 123 Free Solitaire as a desktop program for Windows 8 and 10. You can get it from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 or you can play 123 Free Solitaire - Online on any computer or device! 👏

Also available in SolSuite Solitaire 😀

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