Saturday, September 21, 2019

Simple Simon: part of the Spider Solitaire family of card games!

A new game has been added to Solitaire Collection Free, the 100% free collection that includes 9 challenging Solitaire games.

Simple Simon is a game of American origin and it's part of the Spider Solitaire🕷family of card games.

To win this game, you have to remove all the cards from the Tableau to the Foundations, and this is obtained by building descending suit sequences from King to Ace. 

Being similar to Spider, you will be able to build down regardless on suit on the Tableau piles:

Build down, regardless of suit. For example, a 3 ♥ can be played on a 4 ♠♥♣♦. 

But to move a card sequence from on the pile to another, the sequence must be build down in suit:
Cards of the same suit and in a descending sequence may be moved as a unit
As soon as a suite is completed, the cards will be automatically removed from the tableau.

Game hint 💡
Preferably, build on the tableau in a descending suit sequence as opposed to a descending non–suit sequence.

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