Friday, December 18, 2020

Learn how to play Canfield Two Suits with the latest SolSuite 2021 release!

The latest SolSuite 2021 version 21.0 has just been released!

And includes a variation of the famous "Canfield Solitaire". "Canfield Two Suits". This variation of Canfield is played in the same way as the parent game but with all the cards of Two Suits only. This variation is much easier to win.

Canfield is also known as Demon, Devil's Own, Fascination, Pounce, Racing Demon, Thirteen
and it's said that it was was invented in the 1890s by Richard A. Canfield, an American gambler and a casino owner in upstate New York, who created this game to play in casino.

How is Canfield Two Suits played?

To win this game, you have to move all the cards to the foundations.

The base card (the first card dealt) for this game will vary. 

Foundations (Four piles)
👉Build up in suit from the base card to the rank just below the base card, until each pile contains thirteen cards. For example, a 5♥ can be played on a 4♥. 
👉Ranking of cards is continuous: build Ace after King when necessary. 
👉Autoplay is available.

Tableau (Four columns, initially with one card each)
👉 Build down in alternating colors. For example, a 10♠ can be played on a Jack♥♦. 
👉Ranking of cards is continuous: build King after Ace when necessary. 
👉The top card of each column is available for play to the foundations or to another tableau column. 
👉An entire packed sequence may be moved to another tableau column. Parts of a sequence may not be moved. 
👉Spaces are automatically filled with the top card of the reserve. After the reserve is exhausted, spaces may be filled from the waste: never from the tableau. 

Reserve (One pile of thirteen cards)
👉The top card is always available for play to the foundations or the tableau.

👉Click once on the stock to deal a packet of three cards at a time to the waste. 
👉Unlimited redeals are permitted until the game is blocked or won. 

Waste (One pile)
👉The top card is always available for play to the foundations or the tableau. 

Here are some hints!
👉Move cards to create spaces on the tableau. 
👉Avoid moving too many cards to the foundations. 
👉Be sure that you have made all possible moves before dealing cards from the stock.

Get SolSuite 2021 and enjoy Canfield Two Suits!

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