Sunday, July 21, 2019

How to play Golf Solitaire! (Easy)

In this video, we show how to play the "Easy" version of Golf Solitaire.

Golf Solitaire is a game of British origin and it is also known
as Fan Tan, One Foundation, Les 35 Heures.

It is said that Golf Solitaire is rather similar to Black Hole and Tri-Peaks, as the object of all these games is to clear the cards from the tableau into one Foundation.

This "Easy" version of Golf Solitaire allows to build Kings on Aces and Aces on Kings, which makes this version much easier to win, compared with the standard Golf Solitaire.

Besides Golf Solitaire and Golf Solitaire Easy, you can play the Two-Deck version of these games, doubling the fun! ;)

Game Hints & Tips:
- If you can play more than one card to the foundation, study the tableau and see which cards will be exposed. Then play the card that will maximize the number of cards that can be discarded.
- Trying to remember which cards have already been discard will be

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